Altered Silicon

By focusing our business on FPGA and GPU compute, we don’t have to burden our infrastructure with web and database servers. FPGA and GPU are the primary processors utilized in High Performance Data Acceleration. Coupled with powerful CPU, RAM and SSD data storage, you have all the resources you need for your next HPC project. Compare our prices with anyone - you’ll find them to be almost magically cheaper!

Photography courtesy of Rhys Logan.


Bringing Acceleration to video transcoding, database, data compression, search, AI inference, genomics, machine vision, computational storage and network acceleration.


Additional Industries using FPGA and GPU for High Performance Computing: 5G Wireless, Embedded Vision, Industrial IoT, Cloud Computing, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Broadcast & Pro A/V, Consumer Electronics, Data Center, Emulation & Prototyping, Industrial, Medical, Test and Measurement, Network Packet Analysis


Hyperscale computing requires massive power and fat pipes. We’ve got both. Multiple purpose-built datacenters with access to over 15MW of power can deliver the capacity your project needs.
With speeds up to 50 Gbps, your data transfers won’t be the limiting factor - only your imagination will.


Need expertise? Altered Silicon has FPGA and GPU engineers available to develop your solution. Contact us today.