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We write bitstreams for Blockchains. And we write bitstreams for your Business too. Complicated compute processes that are slowing down your business can be captured, coded and programmed into silicon. Bottlenecks in your business become bitstream programs running on high performance processors - freeing up your networks, accelerating your research, enabling analytics and unlocking value.

Photography courtesy of Rhys Logan.


Bringing Acceleration to video transcoding, database, data compression, search, AI inference, genomics, machine vision, computational storage and network acceleration.


Additional Industries using FPGA and GPU for High Performance Computing: 5G Wireless, Embedded Vision, Industrial IoT, Cloud Computing, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Broadcast & Pro A/V, Consumer Electronics, Data Center, Emulation & Prototyping, Industrial, Medical, Test and Measurement, Network Packet Analysis


Hyperscale & Edge computing require custom compute solutions for your specific needs. Altered Silicon creates personalized solutions for your business, while its revenue generating blockchain processing allows you to recover your infrastructure investment in record time.


Need expertise? Altered Silicon has FPGA engineers available to develop your solution. Contact us today.